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The Mustard Seed Guests Invited to A Seat At Our Table

Local top chefs cook dinner for the homeless 

Alberta Treasury Branch (ATB) and Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance (ACTA) are partnering again with The Mustard Seed to host A Seat at our Table on April 9th assembling some of Calgary’s top chefs to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for 370 guests.
The first activation with these groups took place in November 2015 and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive to explore hosting another event. Renowned Professional Bull Rider and local rancher Scott Schiffner volunteered with his wife at the inaugural event and approached Terry Andryo (ATB Financial Director of Community Initiatives) about donating beef from his S Bar S Ranch south of Calgary for The Mustard Seed for another Seat at our Table initiative. 

“It was fantastic to have both Scott and Brandy partake in the 2015 dinner” explained Terry. “That experience obviously resonated with them emotionally, and aligned with their family values to want to help out more people, which is phenomenal and much more than we really anticipated of them. Big kudos to Scott, Brandy and their family for doing this” 

The Mustard Seed has been providing shelter and access to healthy food for people experiencing poverty and homelessness in Alberta since the 1980s. Brandon Waardenburg, Director of Basic Services, states that The Mustard Seed “is a haven for those needing help, which is offered through open hands and unconditional love. “ Demand for their services has grown in Calgary’s tight accommodation market and even more so during the economic recession. He remarks that “almost 40% of our guests are employed, but with the high cost of living in Calgary, and the extremely limited rental accommodations, many are left without affordable housing.”

A Seat at our Table not only serves to introduce people to Alberta food prepared by top chefs. “These initiatives also serve as catalysts for conversation and action”, asserts Fraser Abbott, Chairperson for Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance and Director of Business Development for the Hotel Arts Group. “While ACTA is committed to sharing stories about Alberta’s food (where it comes from and how it is prepared by top chefs), healthy and affordable food should be accessible for all Albertans to enjoy and our stories should include a variety of ways to serve it up…from the simple to the complex.”

A Seat at our Table will showcase delicious Alberta products prepared by some of the province’s top chefs and this year’s activation includes more female and aboriginal talent in the kitchen serving as a better representation of the diversity of our province. Scott Schiffner’s donation of beef and the generosity of the other sponsors will yield a memorable meal for those in need.   

A Seat at Our Table will take place at 6pm on Sunday, April 9th at The Mustard Seed Foothills Shelter located at 7025 44 Street SE, Calgary.

An Event Unlike Any Other

Some of Calgary’s top chefs will prepare and cook the evening meal for the regular guests at The Mustard Seed Foothills Shelter. Chefs will prepare a basic, but healthy, dinner including locally grown and produced foods, with an extra dash of kindness in this meal. 

Chef Team Line-up
  • ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Chefs Pierre Lamielle & J.P. Gerritsen
  • Grey Eagle Casino Chefs Bill Alexander, Brandon Dashnay & Janine Rain
  • Smugglers Chefs Gary Hennessey, Trevor Hopper & Tiffany Buffet
  • WinSport Chefs Melanie Hennessey, Marie Willier 
  • Restaurateur Michele Aurigemma
  • Yellow Door Bistro Chef Quinn Staple & GM Michael Paddock
The Mustard Seed has been an agent of change for three decades, thanks to donors, volunteers and support from the community. Today, The Mustard Seed in Calgary offers an expansive range of innovative programs and services, including education and employment programs, health and wellness services, basic needs through a shelter for 370 men and women, spiritual care and housing. In March 2014, The Mustard Seed opened the 1010 Centre, which provides homes to 224 low-income individuals, many of whom would otherwise be homeless.

Visit to take part in their Give Hope Campaign

For more information, please contact:
Tannis Baker, Executive Director of Alberta Culinary Tourism Alliance at or 403 264 8344
Andrew Gusztak of The Mustard Seed, at or 403 615 0646

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