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Incentive Trips

In Alberta, we deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences year round. Imagine the exhilaration of your top achievers as they helicopter over the largest icefield south of the Arctic Circle. Picture them mushing a team of sled dogs through an old growth forest. Or after a day on a signature golf course, settling in for a gourmet feast high atop a mountain. The natural beauty and authentic experiences that define Alberta will motivate your star players and have them talking long after the adventure is over.

Planning Tools

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Incentive Guide

The Rewards of an Alberta Summer

Summer is the perfect time to venture into the vast and varied landscapes found in this unique part of the world. Your guests can explore the unusual terrain of the Canadian Badlands on an authentic dinosaur dig. A heli-hike into a remote mountain pass may yield sightings of moose, black bear and bighorn sheep. Picture a visit to a working ranch where guests take part in a real cattle drive. On the cultural side of things, plan trips around an outdoor festival or cowboy up at our famed Calgary Stampede. No matter the experience, your go-getters are sure to find Alberta moments that take their breath away.

Our Alberta Winter Playground

Here in Alberta, cold is actually cool. When nature wraps itself in a thick, snowy blanket, we grab our toques, skis and snowboards and head for the ski hills. At our Rocky Mountain resorts, the abundance of dry, airy snow is a magnet for powder hounds. Your guests can visit multiple ski resorts in a few short days, or take a snow cat into the backcountry for deep powder and pure virgin runs. An ice walk through a canyon iridescent with frozen waterfalls is a show stopper. Something relaxing to end the day? Try a private sleigh ride, tucked under a cozy buffalo rug, or slip into a natural hot spring under the stars.

Year-Round Exploration

When you decide the time of year for an Alberta adventure, schedule in enough time for our must-experience, year-round activities. Immerse your group in the traditions of Alberta’s First Nations, like drumming and powwow ceremonies. Your guests will want to experience Alberta’s dining scene where world class chefs showcase local and sustainable ingredients. And after dinner it’s time to take in the arts; Alberta is a hotbed of new talent and attracts world renowned artists and performers.