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Key Industries

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Alberta is the single largest crude oil supplier to both Canada and the U.S., but we lead many other industries including those featured here.

Key Industries In Alberta

Alberta Prairies
Energy Resources

Alberta’s technologies and services are in demand all over the world. Although fossil fuels still dominate the world energy mix, higher environmental and regulatory standards are challenging the industry to find new and improved ways to enhance productivity. 

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Flying over Island Lake
Environmental Products and Services

Alberta is well known for its natural beauty and clean environment and the environmental products and services sector helps preserve this legacy through its commitment to sustainability. Alberta companies adhere to high provincial and federal government standards and employ skilled Albertans with specialized knowledge in engineering, law, science and technology.

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Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Building Products Technology

Our expertise is in cold weather construction and green building technologies. More than 26,000 firms specialize in oil and gas exploration, development and processing and pipeline design and construction.

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Princes Island Park and Eau Claire Market Calgary
Life Sciences

Alberta is emerging as a dynamic location for expanding life sciences industries. Award winning researchers, outstanding infrastructure and innovative company developments are the core elements of this growing sector.

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Agri-foods in Alberta
Agri-Food Industry

Alberta’s food and beverage products are made to meet high standards and have an international reputation for quality. Alberta is the third largest producer and exporter of agri-food products in Canada. 

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Eighth Avenue Place Calgary
Financial Services

Alberta is an economic powerhouse with the highest per capita GDP of any Canadian province, the highest per capita investment and the lowest taxation rate. Alberta’s financial services industry is a critical part of the growth, scalability and productivity of the province’s traditional and emerging industrial sectors.

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Alberta Prarie Railway Excursions
Transportation & Logistics

Alberta has one of the best transportation systems in Canada and is well served by road, air, rail and pipeline. Over $100 billion in Alberta products is shipped to global markets via road, rail, air cargo and pipeline networks annually. Transportation plays a vital role in maintaining Alberta’s global competitiveness.

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